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Have you ever blown out a candle only to find wax all over the place? Or, have you blown out a candle and filled the room with smoke, and not the yummy fragrance kind? Or just want an aesthetic candle tool for decoration. We have something for you – a candle snuffer!

Measures approximately 7.5″x 0.9″ and is made with stainless steel. 


  • Place the bell over the flame and wait until it goes out.
  • Avoid submerging the bell in the wax. It must hover just above the surface of the wax, and you should eventually see a tiny wisp of smoke emerge from the bell, indicating that the flame is out.
  • Be careful not to touch the snuffer after use, as it may be hot.


Obviously, you can just blow out your candle to put it out. But doing so blows black soot from the wick into the pool of the wax, leaving the ash in your candle for the rest of its life. The best way to prevent this is by using your candle tools!

Using a candle snuffer allows you to easily extinguish the candle without splashing hot wax or blowing pieces of the burnt wick into the candle wax. Snuffers also reduce smoke after extinguishing the flame and keep the candle’s yummy fragrance in the air.

Use your wick cutters to trim the wick to 1/4″ before lighting your candle or after it has cooled to room temperature. This will make your candles last longer and keep the wax clean.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 0.9 in